Why Waking Up Later Without Completing A Morning Ritual Is OK (For Some)

Don’t Listen to the Lies!!!

Wake up one to three hours before you have to go to work so you can read, meditate, stretch, write (or work on whatever your passion is), enjoy a hearty breakfast, get dressed slowly, bask in the scents of your incense and aroma diffuser, etc.

I’ve heard of this, and many of you have probably as well.

Here’s the thing though:

  1. Some people have plenty of time after they get off work or even while they are at work (e.g. lunch breaks or early in the morning before any work needs to be started) to do all of these same things

  2. Some people rather enjoy a quick morning shake or breakfast protein bar

  3. Some people only take 10–15 minutes to get dressed

  4. Some people like to stretch in the evening or before/after their workouts

  5. Some people can meditate at any time of day (not just morning)

  6. Some people know how to get work (related to their goals, dreams, and passions) done all throughout their entire day

There are many people who still know how to be productive outside of the wee early morning hours.

The morning time is not the most productive time for everyone.

So if you have been feeling guilty about not waking up extra early and getting everything done before you get home from work, you can stop now.

As long as you get everything done — within a given day and in the least stressful way (for you) — that is good enough.

Not everyone has to be an early bird.

Not everyone is an early bird.

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