Why Women Should Lift

10 Benefits & 2 Myths

Destiny S. Harris

10 Benefits & 2 Myths


  1. Enhance your figure

  2. Increase your metabolism

  3. Maintain a fast metabolism

  4. Tone your body

  5. Eliminate fat in all the right places

  6. Accentuate the areas of your body of your choosing

  7. Eat more of the foods you love without negative consequences

  8. Increase your confidence and self-esteem

  9. Inspire others to look their best

  10. Look your best


1. Lifting weights will make you look too muscular

  • You can design your workouts to tone or build however much muscle you desire.

2. Lifting will make me look less “feminine”.

  • Lifting heavy will actually tone your body and make you stronger.

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