Why You Might Not Be Making Progress In Your Life

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At times, we might witness ourselves struggling to make progress in our lives. Our minds are discombobulated because we can’t seem to figure out why we aren’t moving forward…..

Whenever this happens, it is a sure sign that we need to STOP. At this point, we need to conduct a 360 review of our lives to determine what obstacles are present and need to be eradicated.

However, we often ignore the signs that tell us we need to STOP. 

Here is a list of things many of us ignore:

  • The physical pain we feel

  • The consistent frustration revolving around certain people & situations

  • The constant feelings of disrespect we receive

  • Repeatedly being ignored and treated like we are worthless

  • Not reaping results from the actions we take

  • Experiencing unhappiness and discontent from decisions we make

  • Consistently being paid less than we deserve

  • Being comfortable in dysfunctional relationships (of all types)

  • Harboring un-forgiveness and bitterness

  • Settling for mediocrity

  • Progressively gaining weight

  • Accumulating debt

  • Repeatedly getting into trouble

  • Never having any money

  • Being dependent on others for things we should be able to provide for ourselves

We can always continue to ignore the signs of things not working as they should. On the flip, if you desire a different result, you need to be in touch with every aspect of your life, so you can keep moving forward. 

Once we take a moment to conduct a thorough life inventory and develop a keen self-awareness of what is happening in our lives — what is working and what is not working — we can then do what needs to be done to remove the impediments and continue our life journeys successfully. 

But until we take time to STOP and see what issues are inhibiting our progression, we will never move forward; we will stay STUCK for the remainder of our lives here on earth.

What obstacles are currently present in your life that you need to remove today?

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