Why Your Abs Still Aren’t Showing

…Even Though You Are Eating Healthy

…Even Though You Are Eating Healthy

Destiny S. Harris

Destiny S. Harris

One question I get a lot is, “I eat healthy and I workout, but I still don’t have abs.”

1. My first question to them is: “What are you eating?” Everyone has their own definition of what healthy dieting is.

2. My second question to them is: “Are you lifting weights?”

3. My third question to them (if they are lifting weights) is: “Are you increasing your weight resistance each week?”

Do these three things and see your abs come alive:

1. Eat a clean diet.

Rip out the unhealthy sh** that is hiding your abs (e.g. sugars, breads, alcohol, and the like)

2. Lift Weights

Consistently lift weights 3–5 times per week, and consistently increase the amount of weight that you lift.

3. Be consistent.

Without consistency you can say goodbye to abs.

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