Women Empowerment

Excerpt from: Situational Affirmations

Destiny S. Harris

Excerpt from: Situational Affirmations

This is for all women, all who identify as women, and anyone else who wants to feel on FIRE:

I am empowered.

I am strong.

I am assertive.

I am decisive.

I am confident.

I am worthy.

I am deserving of good in my life.

I am intelligent.

I am resilient.

I am wise.

I am sure of myself.

I am independent.

I am healthy mentally.

I am healthy financially.

I am healthy physically.

I am healthy spiritually.

I am healthy sexually.

I am healthy emotionally.

I am blessed.

I am more than good enough.

I am remarkable.

I am one of a kind.

I am bold.

I am patient.

I am lovable.

I am beautiful.

I am favored.

I am attractive.

I am unique.

I am special.

I am creative.

I am valuable.

I am valued.

I am admired.

I am worthy of being listened to.

I am a woman on fire.

I am executing my passions.

I am an empowered woman.

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