Yes, Christians Can Be Racist Too

And MANY of Them Are.....

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In fact, I personally know actual “Christians” who speak many insensitive racist remarks, but also praise God at the same time.

My response?

How can you be both a Christian and a racist? How can you be a Jesus follower and also hate or feel “different” towards God’s “colorful” children?

For those of you who claim to be a Christian but have a problem with people of color, I would like to let you know that you are not a Christian.

Suggestion: Spend more time reading the scriptures on the unconditional and unlimited love Jesus demonstrated and gave to people instead of hating the very same people that God created.

Christians Should Not Be Held On A Pedestal

And another thing, we need to stop holding Christians to a higher standard. Christians are regular human beings who make mistakes ALL the time. If you are a human born on this earth, you will never be without sin, and you will never NOT make a mistake; your natural disposition is to make mistakes. Imperfection is normal, and mistakes are inevitable.

For anyone who considers themselves a Christian and struggles to love all people equally, I challenge you to question your beliefs and read the Bible with eyes filled with God’s wisdom and awareness. Because if you read the Bible correctly, you will see that Christians or Jesus Followers are made in His image and are to love one another.

In everything, with everything, God is Love.

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