You Don't Need to Be Formally "Educated" To Be Valuable

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Many people who decide not to get a degree for a number of reasons often go through life as if they are less than those who do have all types of degrees and education under their belt.

But I don’t understand why.

Having an education is superb, but it does not make you better than someone who does not have an education.

In fact, there are many people who are more educated than the people who chose to complete some sort of schooling because they apply themselves more expertly.

You can acquire the knowledge of many of the same things you would learn at a university, in a library; if one spent a great deal of time reading books on the topics discussed in a rigorous educational program, they would find themselves capturing the same information.

Side Note: If your goal is to work in a specialized field that requires certain educational requirements, than by all means you must go for it.

I am never impressed with people who are highly educated. I admire the effort and hard work, but the educational system is another flaw in itself, which is another subject, but why is getting a degree worth soooooooo much? It’s measured as one of life’s greatest achievements; despite it being such a simple thing for knowledge that is often never truly absorbed (or understood) or is lost — sometimes instantly.

Side Note: Your educational background should never be utilized as a social weapon. Your self-worth should be independent of a piece of paper; your self-worth should always come from within.

The things we accomplish are simply that, accomplishments. Now, the people we impact, and the actions we take to make an impact are what truly matter. In many cases, education can help with this, but not all cases.

You don’t need to be educated to be valuable, to think for yourself, to have a voice, to mean something, to get a great job, to get paid fairly, etc. All of these things are just excuses to not live your best life.

With rising educational costs, you can get much of the same learning from books, webinars, certifications, and other similar formats at extremely lower costs.

We now live in an age where having a degree doesn’t have to limit you, so be sure to not let your own thinking limit what you can do and how you think of yourself.

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