You Will Never Be Broke If You Do These 4 Things

Financial freedom is attainable and entirely up to you

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which means most Americans are broke; this also means most Americans have not attained financial freedom.

How can you achieve financial freedom?

It’s more simple than you think. First, a person needs to develop a mindset that is molded for abundance. Second, a person needs to implement 4 habits that will help elevate their finances.

If you have the following 4 things in place, you should never be broke:

  • Invest 15–25% or more of your income

  • Maintain a 2-year emergency fund

  • Live below your means

  • Live debt-free

Implementing the following 4 habits will ensure you:

  • Remain financially healthy

  • Experience financial peace

  • Consistently increase your net worth

  • Maintain a positive net worth

  • Owe no one anything

  • Create more options

  • Eliminate financial dependency on others

Below are some affirmations that can help you cultivate a mindset for financial freedom. Speak, think, and act in abundance and financial prudence and witness how things change for you.


Financial Freedom 1

I am finally free.
I experience financial liberation.
I experience financial freedom.
I have a positive net worth.
I do not have to set a budget each month.
I do not live with just enough.
I live with more than enough.
I always have enough money each month.
I always have enough to do fun activities.
I always have enough to bless others.
I always have enough to travel.
I always have enough to buy what I want.
I am thankful I have financial freedom.

Financial Freedom 2

I am free of debt.
I am free of lack.
I am free of poverty.
I am free of impoverished thoughts.
I am free of unhealthy thoughts.
I am free of unhealthy people.
I am free of negative thoughts.
I am free of negative attitudes.
I am free of a broke mentality.
I am free from poor habits.
I am free of discontentment.
I am free of not feeling grateful.
I am free of unhappiness.

Financial Freedom 3

I am addicted to financial freedom.
I can’t ever go back to a limited lifestyle.
I can’t ever live in poverty.
I choose to focus on prosperity.
I choose to focus on financial freedom.
I choose to live without limits.
I choose to be in charge of my money.
I am the lender.
I am never a servant to the lender.
I am not a borrower.
I am not indebted to anything or anyone.
Financial liberation is my motto.
Financial peace is what I always have.

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