Seeking Perfection Can Be Paralyzing

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When we are working towards a worthy goal, a straightforward way to defeat ourselves is to seek perfection.

Perfection can be a beautiful thing to have, but it is unnecessary to propel us toward success. As you consistently put in effort towards your goals, skills, etc. you will become closer to perfect, but you will never reach pure perfection. The idea of perfection does not exist. However, perfection within imperfection does exist.

Hence, a decisive goal to have should not be perfection, but to continually make progress and improve.

Seeking perfection can be paralyzing because if we feel we are not perfect, we:

  1. Never execute

  2. Get discouraged more easily

  3. Don’t persist as ambitiously

  4. Are scared to fail

All of these prevent us from making any progress at all.

More than anything, we need to consistently make small improvements—even when the improvements seem too small to measure.

An improvement is an improvement—no matter how big or small. 

Today, instead of seeking perfection or criticizing yourself, practice gratitude for the small improvements you have made, rejoice in the progress, be thankful for the growth, and keep on making more progress.

This is all you have to do to be successful.

Final Note: Seeking perfection can also prevent us from enjoying life. Don’t wait for things to be perfect. Don’t wait to reach your goals before you start enjoying life.

Live for now.

Live for today.

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